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Printer Printing Blank Pages issue is one of the most common problems that you will come across with a printer. When you are printing your documents, but the printed page is missing color or black ink, or the printed output is blank or has very light ink. No matter what troubleshooting techniques you perform, you still get the same blank output again and again. 

To resolve the Printer Printing Blank Pages or Printer Not Printing issue, use only genuine cartridges. Additionally, you can print your paperwork only with the tri-color cartridge after removing the empty black cartridge from the printer, clean the printhead, or replace defective or empty cartridges. You can also prefer to print your documents in backup mode if you require printing instantly and the quality of the printout is not a concern. 

Causes of Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue

  • Blank pages in the printing document.
  • Jammed printer head nozzles. 
  • Displaced toner or ink cartridges. 
  • Empty toner or ink cartridges that need replacing.
  • The wrong size of paper loaded in the input tray. 

What to do if your Printer is Printing Blank Pages?

First, we need to diagnose what is causing your printer to print blank pages. There are various troubleshooting techniques that you can try to resolve the Printer Printing Blank Pages issue depending on the brand of your printer. But, few troubleshooting techniques can apply to all printers, so it is worth to try these troubleshooting techniques beforehand. 

Steps to Resolve Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue

Check Toner or Ink Cartridges

Whenever your printer starts to print blank pages, first, ensure to check the toner or ink cartridges are working correctly. 

  • Jammed Toner or Ink Cartridges

    Blocked or jammed toner or ink cartridges may prevent the printer from printing correctly. To fix this issue, clean the ink or toner cartridges manually or from the printer control panel. 
  • Empty Ink or Toner Cartridges 

    Running out of ink or empty cartridges might be causing your printer to print blank pages. Ensure to check the toner or ink levels on your printer and replace the ink or toner cartridges if they are empty or running out of ink. 
  • Remove and Reinstall the Ink Cartridges

    Disconnected and defective cartridges might be the reason why your Printer is Printing Blank Pages. Remove the cartridges out of the printer and check if any of them are defective. Make sure to replace the damaged or defective cartridges. 

    If all the cartridges are working appropriately, then a poor connection between the printer and cartridge is the cause of the Printer Not Printing issue. 

    To resolve this problem, remove the cartridges and reinstall the new ones in their respective slots. 

Run Printer Spooler service

Printer Printing Blank Pages issue can also occur due to damaged or missing Printer Spooler files. Try to restore the Printer Spooler service files to resolve this issue. 

  • Press the Window button on the keyboard and type services.
  • Click on the Services option.
  • Find Printer Spooler and double-click on it.
  • Click on the Stop button and then click OK. 
  • Minimize the Services windows. 
  • Open my computer. To do so, press Window simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS path and delete all the items of the PRINTERS folder. 
  • Open the minimized Services window. 
  • Double-click on the Printer Spooler service.
  • Click on the Start button. Ensure to set the Startup type as Automatic
  • Click on the OK button.

If you are still facing issues to resolve this problem, then call on our Printer Tech Support Number:-+1-844-802-7535 or for more info visit: –

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